Institutional Real Estate Advisory


Providing real estate investment banking services tailored to the middle-market.

We provide client solutions focused on sale-leaseback financing, debt & equity placements, asset acquisitions & tenant representation.

Through our services we help clients finance new acquisitions, fuel growth & receive dividend recapitalizations.


Unlock value of real estate that would otherwise go unrealized
This is achieved through the disconnect between the lower EBITDA multiple (often 6x to 8x) paid to acquire the business and the higher rent multiple (typically 12x to 14x) achieved from the sale of the real estate.

Acquisition Financing
Executing a Sale-Leaseback concurrent to an acquisition allows sponsors to minimize equity requirement avoid upfront capital gains tax implications.

Debt Optimization
Sponsors benefit from being able to pay down high coupon sub-debt to better optimize the capital structure and yield a better working capital solution.

Capital Influx
This allows Sponsors to re-deploy the capital into higher yielding opportunities or pay down debt. This capital infusion usually leads to higher growth & innovation, and creates an arbitrage because of the underlying value held in the RE.

Rent Expense
Allows Sponsors to benefit from favorable tax treatment.